Ice mincer Ice breaker Ice crusher

Ice mincer  Ice breaker Ice crusher

Ice mincer,  Ice breaker, Ice crusher. Professional tools necessary for break, crush, grind quickly large quantities of ice and allow the preparation of cocktails, drinks, water ices, frozen fruit, drinks that require ice. Engineered with high-quality, hygienic, robust and durable. Easy to use. High technology and innovative. Comply with European standards.

Also available machines to make ice in the ice machine maker.

  1. 1
    MSG100 - Icebreaker
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    €527.04 (48%)
    MSG100 - Professional Icebreaker, its sturdy structure is in painted aluminum with steel cutting blades. Power 450 W - Power supply 230V - 50Hz
  2. 2
    MTG6 - Ice crusher
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    €427.20 (48%)
    MTG6 - Professional electric ice crusher Ideal for bars and restaurants - Ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels - Power supply 230V - 50Hz
  3. 3
    ROGM Professional electric ice crusher
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    €312.50 (50%)
    Professional ice crusher electric to crush ice to prepare Caipirinhas, Mojitos, Frozen Cocktails, etc. Painted aluminium alloy body - micro switch on cover - stainless steel cup and blade unit - crushed ice size selection
  4. 4
    TRL Professional ice mincer
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    €440.00 (50%)
    Professional ice crushers suitable for the preparation of slushes and cocktails. ABS structure. Light alloy hopper - stainless steel blade for gravity ejection of ice. Production of crushed ice for slushes.