CA1439RG Refrigerated cart for dish +8°+12°C capacity 88 plates Ø25/31

CA1439RG Refrigerated cart for dish +8°+12°C capacity 88 plates Ø25/31

CA1439RG Refrigerated cart for dish +8°+12°C capacity 88 plates Ø25/31

Professional refrigerated trolley for dish. It can hold 88 large 25/31 cm diameter plates. Indispensable to keep dishes with appetizers prepared before serving them. Painted grids. dim.75x78x203h cm
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CARRELLO PORTAPIATTI ANTIPASTI REFRIGERATO A VENTILAZIONE +8° +12°C MANTENIMENTO TEMPORANEO PER PIATTI DIAM. Ø25/31 Struttura portante in acciaio plastificato. Telaio in alluminio anodizzato. Pannellatura in isomac spessore 25 mm con n. 4 sportelli apribili in Plexiglass. Maniglie laterali per conduzione carrello. Ruote Ø 125 di cui due con freno. Portata 88 piatti. Griglie verniciate per piatti Ø25/31.

VENTILATED REFRIGERATION TROLLEY +8° +12°C FOR HORS D’OEUVRES DISH DIAM. 25-31 TEMPORARY KEEPING OF TEMPERATURE. Supporting structure in plastic- coated steel. Frame in anodized aluminium. Isomac 25 mm thick panelling with 4 opening doors in plexiglass. Side handles to steer trolley. Wheels diam. 125, two with brake. Capacity 88 plates Ø25/31. Polished racks.

CHARIOT PORTE-ASSIETTES POUR HORS D’OEUVRE REFRIGERÉ À VENTILATION +8° +12°C MAINTIEN TEMPORAIRE POUR ASSIETTES DIAM. Ø25/31. Structure portante en acier plastifié. Châssis en aluminium anodisé. Panneaux en isomac épais 25 mm avec 4 portes ouvrantes en plexiglass. Poignées latérales de conduite du chariot. Roulettes Ø 125 dont deux à frein. Capacité 88 plats. Grilles vernies.

230V~ 50Hz Alimentazione/Powersupply/Branchement

460W Potenza elettrica/Electrical power/Puissance electrique

510W 440Kcal/h Potenza frigorifera/Refrigerating power/Puissance refrigerante

R 134 a Refrigerante ecologico/Environment-friendly refrigerant / Refrigerant eco

dim. 75x78x203h cm



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    CA1439R Refrigerated cart for dish +8°+12°C capacity 88 plates Ø18/23
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