Gelato Pro 1700 Up i-Green SILVER

Gelato Pro 1700 Up i-Green SILVER
  • Gelato Pro 1700 Up i-Green SILVER
  • Gelato Pro 1700 Up i-Green SILVER

Gelato Pro 1700 Up i-Green SILVER

NEW MODEL I-GREEN. Innovative ice cream machine. Highly technological. Super automatic for the quick and easy preparation of ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurt. Elegant design. Steel color. ECOLOGICAL - Gas R290
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PRO 1700 UP STEEL I-GREEN Nemox Steel ice cream machine



Innovative ice cream machine. Super automatic for the preparation of ice creams, sorbets, frozen yogurt.

It consumes less electricity and greater efficiency.

Highly technological.

Elegant design that revisits the 50s style in a contemporary way.

The trendy colors combined with the design of the switches and body make the GELATO PRO 1700 UP an important piece of furniture. STEEL color.

The body is made of polished and hand painted cast aluminum. Beautiful, solid and resistant.

Triple painting. 3 painting steps and clear varnish finish ensure good scratch resistance of the aluminum body.

More power. The greater power of the refrigeration unit allows you to prepare ice cream, sorbets, frozen yogurt in even shorter times and with exceptional results.

Automatic storage. Electronic management has been enriched with an important function. If you forget to turn off the machine when using it in manual mode, a function intervenes that automatically activates storage.


Easy to use. Few operations to perform:

- POUR the ingredients

- START the machine

-DISTRIBUTE ice cream to everyone !!!


Prepare and pour the ingredients, start the machine. There is nothing else to do.

The GELATO PRO 1700 UP automatically cools, mixes and prepares ice cream.

When it is ready, an exclusive electronic system keeps it mixed at the same correct temperature for the desired time.

The machine incorporates a refrigeration system that delivers a large number of refrigerators in a very short time to quickly create all the flavors you want, one after the other.

The machine is equipped with a good power freezing motor.

A device on the lid allows you to adjust the amount of air and modify the structure of the ice cream.

With a fixed basket shovel and a removable basket shovel.

Large 1.7 liter capacity. Supplied with removable basket, measuring cup and ice cream scoop.


220V-240V 50Hz/1 

150 W

Made in Italy

dim. 265x385x220h mm

ART 003A600806

EAN 8024872131510





180 W


220-240 V 50/60 Hz

Thermal safety of the refrigeration and mixing plant


Compressor without CFC


Air cooling


DDS Direct drive system


Induction blade motor

RPM 32

Fixed basket in AISI 304 stainless steel

1.7 l

Shovel for fixed basket


Removable basket blade


Removable aluminum basket - included

1.7 l

Max. Quantity ingredients

0.80 kg

Max production per cycle

1.5 l.

Preparation time

15- 25 min

Conservation function


Automatic conservation activation


Air adjustment device




Dimensions (L / P / H)

38x27x22 cm


12.5 kg

Scoop for ice cream


Instructions for use / recipe book


Shipping package

36x50x32 cm

14.5 kg



                                   1 EXTRACTABLE BASKET

                                   1 MEASURING 25 CL


The i-Green line of machines uses only ecological gases with GWP (Global Warming Potential, capacity to retain heat by the various greenhouse gases) practically equal to Zero. ICE GREEN is the project designed and implemented by Nemox to help protect the environment by eliminating greenhouse gases, harmful to the environment, from domestic and professional equipment.

With this line, the intervention of the EU was anticipated, which issued a regulation aimed at regulating the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The EU strategy on climate change adaptation defines a framework of mechanisms aimed at reducing current and future climate impacts.

International action will therefore be needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the decades to come.


The advantages of the i-Green line are:

- Reduce the impact on emissions by 99.95%.

- Use a totally natural gas that does not require further transformations, saving energy.

- Use a lower quantity of gas with lower pressures and consequently less wear.

- Improve the performance of the thermodynamic system with reduction of times.

- Electricity saving

From 1 January 2022, the regulation provides that only gas with a GWP of less than 150 can be used.

Our machines use an ecological gas R290 having GWP = 3.

This means reducing the impact on emissions by 99.95%.

Eco-sustainability in "i-Green" machines did not concern only the gas change.

The i-Green machines have a new eco-sustainable look.

They consume less electricity and are more efficient.





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