3M-24493 Dual-function fiber 96 HEX - (15 pcs.)

3M-24493 Dual-function fiber 96 HEX - (15 pcs.)

3M-24493 Dual-function fiber 96 HEX - (15 pcs.)

The new 3M Scotch-Brite ™ 96HEX dual function fiber features a yellow abrasive side with "Power Dots", specially developed to quickly remove encrusted dirt, and a green side that eliminates small food and grease residues.
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Scotch-Brite ™ 96HEX dual-function abrasive fiber is an abrasive fiber for medium-heavy applications, made from high-quality fibers, minerals and resins. It is a powerful fiber designed to remove the most stubborn dirt and heavier incrustations with less effort than traditional abrasive fibers for medium-heavy use. It can be used for the daily cleaning of most kitchen utensils and equipment.

Durable high-quality anti-rust synthetic fibers ensure long life for the fiber. The yellow side equipped with "Power Dot" (dotted) is developed to quickly and effectively remove the most encrusted and stubborn dirt, preventing larger debris from being trapped in the fiber surface. The smooth green side is designed to remove grease and finer dirt particles leaving the affected surfaces shiny and residue-free.

The fiber is designed to provide effective, consistent and long-lasting abrasive performance throughout the life of the product.
The fiber structure consists of cleaning abrasive particles bound to it by means of a high quality resin, which offers resistance to degradation due to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning products. The hexagonal shape allows easy access even to the surfaces of pots and pans that are more difficult to reach. The ergonomic shape of the fiber allows a comfortable grip that ensures maximum productivity.
The fiber can be used wet or dry.

Dimensions: Length (from corner to corner) 139mmx139mm

                     Width: 139mm

Package: 15 pcs.

Code 3M: 24493

Classification: Scotch Brite ™ - Green Fiber 96

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